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Adrian Dennis is an artist that seeks to push artistic boundaries. Born in London Ontario in 1989, and
raised in Waterloo Ontario, Adrian found music and the guitar at age 12. He quickly became immersed in
various styles of music and took to composing his own songs at a young age. This evidently led to
studying Jazz, a complex art form with a rich history and plenty to be inspired by. After becoming
involved in high-school Jazz groups, Adrian moved to Toronto in 2008 to study Jazz formally at the
University of Toronto. There, he studied intently with seasoned educators David Occhipinti and Geoff
Young, and began composing his own compositions and leading his own groups.

Now based in Toronto, Adrian leads the Adrian Dennis Quartet; made up of some of Toronto’s strongest up-and-coming musicians. The band recorded their debut full length album in December of 2022 entitled “Moon Rising”. Adrian aims to capture an imaginative and emotionally driven inner world with his music, touching on musical influences like Wayne Shorter and Bill Evans; and European jazz
musicians David Doruzka (guitar) and Kristjan Randalu (piano). With one foot in the past and one in the future, Adrian looks to crystallize his artistic vision and create music that listeners can find instantly


Adrian Dennis playing a Gibson ES35 Jazz guitar


The Adrian Dennis Quartet plays original and classic modern jazz


" This group has a special aura, the kind you find in musicians with extensive stage experience and encounters with other great artists. There’s also a cultural aspect to Adrian Dennis’s music. "



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